If you are interested in working with First Tier Commercial Coatings, please forward you resume via Fax: (877) 658-6787 or E-mail: info@firsttierpainting.com.  Upon receipt, we will review and contact you shortly after.  No Calls Please!


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“Water-Proof” or “Water-Resistant” describes objects relatively unaffected by water or resisting the ingress of water under specified conditions.  In building construction, waterproofing is a fundamental aspect of creating a building envelope, which is a controlled environment.   A structure is waterproofed with the use of membranes and coatings to protect contents as well as protecting structural integrity. 

FTCC has the know-how to deliver a perfect match for your building or industrial facility. We practice professionalism and job safety regularly by all our works in order to avoid likelihood of danger and risk by following proper safety procedures per O.S.H.A. (Occupational Safety & Health Administration) and EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) guidelines. 

Our primary painting emphasis is in the following traditional industry areas: 

·   Specialize in all custom and industrial applications
·   All interior dry wall including patching, texturing, repair, replacement and installation 
·   All exterior applications including water proofing, sealing, stucco, siding, patching, repair, and replacement
·   Application of all finishes and custom coatings including lacquer, stains, varnishes, acrylics, epoxies, and enamels
·   Wood work including crown moldings, base boards, doors, casements, cabinets, rails, and all other custom & fine

     wood finishes



We, at FTCC, salute you and celebrate the business owner for who they are; for the fearless quality and their tireless work ethic; for their courage and the many sacrifices they make daily in the face of continual economic uncertainty and for the positive impact they make on their community.  We have made it our business to support you, who is, without a doubt, part of the backbone of the economy and the central pillar of the community.

First Tier Commercial Coatings (FTCC) is a reputable Florida based painting contractor who is engaged in the servicing of painting for commercial, industrial, and custom clientele for both interior and exterior projects. We originate jobs through various resources (i.e. marketing, referrals) and build relationships with selected G.C.’s that generally sub-contract directly out to First Commercial Coatings or offer First Tier Commercial Coating’s services as the preferred method.  Industrial painting contractors. commercial painting contractors. commercial painters.

FTCC originates jobs through developing direct relationships with selected G.C.’s that generally sub-contract directly to us.  If you would like us to bid on a project (via takeoffs/drawings/specs) or add us to your vendor list, please email us at info@firsttierpainting.com.  We will promptly reply as your business is very important to FTCC.   If you have any questions or comments on how we may better serve you, please call (904) 638-6713.

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FTCC heavily invests in staying current with all trends and industry products from the network of painting suppliers, resellers, and dealers.  We will be committed to your project and will find a look that will work for you.